Polish Hollywood
Plans for build a Polish Silicon Valley and Hollywood in Nowy Sącz, southern Poland have just been unveiled.

Robert Kusek reports from Krakow

Centres of research and development, notable IT and high technology companies, television and film studios, and, finally, a new university - these are just a few of the projects that hope to transform Nowy Sącz - a mountain city located around 100 kilometers south east of Krakow - into the Polish California.

The whole region has already been dubbed the Polish Silicon Valley and Polish Hollywood. With the preliminary costs of around 130 million euros this is surely one of the most important initiatives ever taken by the local government.

The project is also of the utmost significance to the central government in Warsaw. It opens the list of all Polish projects that will be seeking the financial assistance of the European Union in the years 2007-2013. According to the government officials the Multimedia City of Nowy Sącz will be the most serious European contender for billions of euros distributed in the EU cohesion policy programs.

The project started taking real shape last year when 50 leading Polish IT and high technology companies agreed on putting some collaborative effort in transforming the region of Southern Poland (also known as the Lesser Poland) into the Polish Silicon Valley. It was also then that Nowy Sącz - the city that boasts one of the best business schools in Poland - was selected as the ideal place for building the new Multimedia City - due to its being located in the nearest vicinity to Krakow and having some serious intellectual and infrastructural potentials.

The first phase of building the Multimedia City of Nowy Sącz is hoped to have been completed by 2013.

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