About MultiCluster

"Creativity is thinking up new things, innovation is doing new things" Theodore Levitt


The Cluster of Multimedia and Information Systems (MultiCluster) was created on 28th August 2006 in Nowy Sacz by National-Louis University in collaboration with SMEs from the creative industries sector. Creators of the MultiCluster are experts in the field of business and academics who believe in the power of innovation and creativity as a fueling force behind development and success, especially on the Information Technologies market. We believe that the best way to predict the future is to create it!

As a key and integral unit of Multimedia City project, the MultiCluster proposes an organizational system that combines various concepts supporting innovation, such as: Technology Park, R&D Center, Business Incubator, Cooperation Cluster, or Venture Capital.

Presently, over 60 innovative and highly specialized small and medium-sized companies from the new technologies & new media businesses all over Poland are members of the MultiCluster. Over 2000 IT-professionals and a variety of specialized companies cooperate and exchange know-how, resources, and competencies. The Cluster is also supported by private and public institutions promoting innovative approach to enterprise and economy.

Members of the MultiCluster would otherwise compete on the market, but within the Cluster they constitute a network of co-dependent units which collaborate and support one another for the benefit of the entire partnership. Additionally, the partnership further cooperates with outside bodies, such as R&D centers, universities, and various financial institutions. Utilizing various sources of knowledge and information, in pair with the approach of „coopetition" (cooperative competition), brings forward a synergy effect the outcome of which is beyond imagination.
The mission of the Cluster is to establish business links and mutual trust between its members. Combining it with competition (which promotes constant development and innovation) allows us to join the potential and competences of individual bodies.

The MultiCluster, being a "think tank" and a platform of cooperation between highly specialized business associates, scientists, students and theoreticians, is therefore a well of innovative ideas.

Transfer of knowledge, ideas and technologies from seemingly distant areas into business, education and entertainment will surely spawn a bountiful of unique, revolutionary products which are bound to change the future of technology.

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